The ISKCON Rajahmundry temple is built in two acres of land situated on the bank of sacred river Godavari.This place has got significance because many Rishis performed their tapasya.Sri Chaitanya Maha Prabhu met his disciple sri Ramananad Raya then governor of Chennai province under the Devotee King Purushotham Maharaj .The famous conversation among the Lord Sri Chaitanya and Ramaananda Raya took place on Godavari Bank and now this place is known as Ramananda Raya Gaudiaya Math.

Around the ISKCON Temple there are ten mantaps of lord’s ten incarnations (Dasavatras).It is built uniquely and it is the third largest temple after Bangalore and Tirupathi in south India among ISKCON Temples .There is vedic exhibition in cellar of the temple complex depicting Lord Krishna, lord Rama and Chaitanya lilas which attracts students ,devotees and visiting public.The temple is visited daily by 1000 to 1500 devotees and on Sundays 6,000 to 8,000 devotees and on Janmasthmi day 50,000 devotees.

There is Govinda Gift stall adjoining the temple hall. On upstairs there are 15 preaching glow sign boards and another Govinda Gift stall where the Founder Acharya books and other devotional paraphernalia are available

On every Friday the Lord Govinda Srinivas Abhishekam is performed at 6:30 am. On every Saturday and Sunday there is sannai vayidyam is performed with musical instruments glorifying the Lord .

The temple is headed by its president Sriman SATYA GOPINATH DAS who has got two decades experience in conducting ISKCON major activities like building temples, conducting Rath Yatras, holding Hare Krishna festivals at various places.