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Goura Purnima

On Gaura Poornima, the festival to commemorate Lord Sri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu’s transcendental appearance on this planet more than 500 years ago, to propagate the yuga dharma of Kali-yuga, Harinama sankirtana, devotees fast till moon rise.
On the eve of Gaura Purnima, an adhivasa ceremony is performed by the devotees to purify ourselves and get ready to worship and serve the Lord the next day.

At ISKCON Rajahmundry, the utsava Deities of Nitai Gauranga (Lord Nityananda and Lord Chaitanya) receive a very grand abhisheka. They then receive a wonderful dishes. A Shayana arati is performed as usual, to the accompaniment of a special song glorifying Lord Chaitanya. The Deities are then taken in a Pallakki with the singing of the most ecstatic kirtanas from temple to subramnyam maidnam. Lord Chaitanya moved the masses by performing the congregational chanting of the holy name. The intelligent people of this fallen age take to this method of worship of the Supreme Lord. The festival ends with an anukalpa feast (made from non-grain ingredients).