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His Divine Grace A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada, Founder- Acarya of the International Society for Krishna Consciousness {ISKCON}, had a deep desire to educate the youth of India as well as whole world in the science of Krishna Consciousness. He would often say to the Indian students whom he met at foreign universities, that it was the prime duty of Indian’s to learn the science of devotional service and spread it all over the world. This also was the instruction of Lord Caitanya, the Supreme Personality of Godhead, who appeared in the fifteenth century in Bengal. And to fulfill Srila Prabhupada’s desire, this endeavor to spiritually train youth, began in ISKCON-Rajahmundry as well as all over India. ISKCON Youth Forum {I.Y.F} since then, grew from strength to strength; more and more universities and college students, professionals began joining either as resident devotees committed to Vedic studies or as congregational members. Today, IYF has over 1 million members through nation wide in INDIA.

The Predicament Of Modern Youth

The Youth today is facing more complex situation than a decade back. The advent of the age of Info Tech and advanced technology has brought numerous growth opportunities but not without attendant perplexities.

The Youth most frequent complaints are feeling depressed or unhappy: having relationships problems or feeling anxious about future. Without increasing academic pressure competition and struggle for survival the youth today are being forced to succumb to immorality hypocritical tendencies ade dangerous addictions.

Revealing Facts

1. One in Five children has strees related emotional disorders.
2. 40% teenagers admit to severe anxiety.
3. 33% teenagers have taken to intoxicants like Smoking And Drinking (Alcohol) etc..,,
4. In a recent all India by IAP 75% adolescents said they could not communicate comfortable with their parents. Suicide rate has trebled in past 25 Years.

Our Goals And Objectives

To Help students to flourish in virtuous deeds and bring them back from sinful self-destructive habits like “meat eating, Gambling, Intoxication and Illicit Sex” by offering them a life style of higher taste in communication with God through meditation and group discussion. This will make them pure citizens who will benefit home nation and the whole world instead of becoming headaches for their parents and trouble-creators for society.

To Develop personality and build up character of student based on the divine qualities thought in Bhagavad Gita, to give a real meaning of life of purity and dedication with love, trust amongst one another.

To identify the talents in student’s bring their creativity and inspire them to engage in positive activities for the welfare of all by dovetailing their talents in Lord Services.

To train student scientifically to present Krishna Consciousness philosophy through all possible “Media, Books, Notes, Video/ Audio tapes, Slide shows, dramas, Charts, Pictures, Magazines, e-mail, etc..,”

For Programme Details Contact:

Sriman Satya Gopinath Swamiji,
e-mail: [email protected],
Contact Numbers: +91-9295010005, +91-9441100815, +91-8832442277